Is listening already composing?

"A unique CD-series featuring a stroll around the market in Hongkong, the rustling of a cherry tree and a washing machine  doing its cycle - explores the noise of the world." In 2007 Tobias Lehmkuhl wrote this in the Süddeutsche Zeitung in his extensive review about the Séries Sonores, an inpetto audio production which we now offer online instead of on CDs. "At a first glance it does not seem to feature music or literature but unimportant recordings of everyday sounds. As to how the sounds of the world become a composition and if the attentive listener hears an animated scene, is a question that soon arises," Tobias Lehmkuhl continues. "And that is exactly what makes these tracks so very special: they force you to keep listening. Listening to the recording of, for example, a thunderstorm or buzzing bees, one always hears a variety of the smallest fading or exploding of sounds. It actually forces you to listen to our environment. If you are unable to observe this you will be unable to really understand musical composition. If you don't appreciate the "Hochhörndlinger Hütte", you won't have an ear for the "Alpensymphonie" by Richard Strauß." (SZ literary supplement 09.10.2007) Séries Sonores is consists of sound recordings by a.o.: David Kammerer, Mario Gauthier, Marc Parisotto, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Stefan Gagstetter, Sandeep Bhagwati, Uli Aumüller. Also we added a selection  of essayistic  and documentary radio programs made by inpetto filmproduktion.

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 Below is a list of sequences of the Séries Sonores -  clicking on the title will get you to the page of the sequence - by clicking the number on the left you can hear a short extract.

90 Hanoi. Morning to Midnight - Soundscape

89 Love Story Based on the Song of Songs-Looking Inside the Fridge/Simply Everything (radio play): Der Blick in den Kühlschrank / Einfach alles 

88 Voyage through German-French  Historical Music: Do We Listen With Different Ears? 02

87 Voyage through German-French Historical Music: Do We Listen With Different Ears? 01

86 Liberation and Annoyance - the Background of Marteau sans Maître by Pierre Boulez

85 Essay About the Passing Away of Time: Einstand von Vergängnis

84 Essay About the Relationship Between Music and Nature 05: Adoratio Naturae 

83 Essay About the Relationship Between Music and Nature 04: De Natura Auris

82 Essay About the Relationship Between Music and Nature 03: De Natura Sonoris

81 Essay About the Relationship Between Music and Nature 02: Natura Naturans

80 Essay About the Relationship Between Music and Nature 01: Natura Naturata

79 Being Aware of Idleness: Die Adorno-Sonate

78 Topography on a Theme by  Aribert Reimann and Ludwig Wittgenstein - Do I Dream ... or Do My Dreams Dream Me?: Träume ich ... oder träumen mich meine Träume?

77 The End of Saalschlachten - Inventing Silence: Die Erfindung des Schweigens 05

76 Silence as Political Statement in the 19th Century - Inventing Silence: Die Erfindung des Schweigens 04

75 About the Signs of the Silence Concerning Mozart's Zauberflöte - Inventing Silence: Die Erfindung des Schweigens 03

74 Opera Seria in a Suburban Private Theater - Inventing Silence: Die Erfindung des Schweigens 02

73 The Birth of Opera as a Courtly Feast - Inventing Silence: Die Erfindung des Schweigens 01

72 Essay on Music by Alberto Posadas: Transfiguration of the Body: Verklärung des Körpers

71 Essay on Music by Iris ter Schiphorst: A Little Quiver That Unsettled Me:  Eine kleine Bebung, die mich erschütterte

70 Radio Broadcast on Music by Iris ter Schiphorst- This Is Not Me: Nicht-Ich bin`s

69 Essay on Music and Nature: Why Does Sense Obscure from where it Emerged?:  Warum ist der Wald der bessere Konzertsaal? 03

68 Essay on Music and Nature: Does a Song Sleep in All Things Around?:  Warum ist der Wald der bessere Konzertsaal? 02

67 Essay on Music and Nature: What Is - Please Tell Me - Natural about Music?:  Warum ist der Wald der bessere Konzertsaal? 01

66 The Fairy Tale of the Poor Child - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 06

65 The legend of Strömkarl or Nöck - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 05

64 The Meaning of the Concert Hall - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 04

63 Aesthetic Turn of Content - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 03

62 Sound Sculptures and Sound Bodies - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 02

61 From the "Philosophy of New Music" to the "Attempt on Music and Language" - Essay on Philosophy & Music:  Philosophie & Musik 01

60 Sound Recording of the Monks in Angkor: Mönche von Angkor

59 Sound Recording at Playa Mexicana

58 Radio Play by Christian Calon and Uli Aumüller: Darkblue: Dunkelblau

57 Sound Recording of Frogs Cows and Flocks of Birds: Fröschen Kühen Staren

56 Sound Recording in Guatemala: Laguna Lachuà

55 Sound Recording of Waves at the Baltic Sea: Ostseewellen

54 Sound Recording of Pacific Ocean Waves: Pazifikwellen

53 Mexican Mariachibands at the Plaza Garibaldi

52 Essay on the Occasion of the Closure of Tesla Berlin: Dear Lydia: Liebe Lydia!

51 Collage of Tones Recorded Inside the Underground in London: Victoriescabossanova

50 Sound Recording in Havanna

49 Sound Recording of Steps and Tracks in the Snow: Spuren im Schnee

48 An Accoustic Essay on Fleeting Moments: Flüchtige Augenblicke

47 A Walk Across Berlin on High Heels:  Klack Klack

46 Recorded in Hongkong: of Fish & Birds / Ratatouille: Von Fischen & Vögeln / Ratatouille

45 Recording of the Sound Installation: Air Borne

44 A slightly Silly Interview about why God is so Dead Keen on Maria: Warum ist Gott geil auf Mariens?

43 At the Brandenburger Tor- on the 18th of March Square: Platz des 18. März

42 Suburban Railway Trip Around the Centre:  Rund um die Mitte

41 Suburban Railway Trip to Pankow: Zug nach Pankow

40 Sound Recording on Lausitzer Platz

39 Orchestra Music in Ghana: African Recordings II

38 Choir Music in Ghana:  African Recording I

37 Rare Recordings of Fire-bellied Toads en Frogs: Rotbauchunken & Frösche

36 Sound Recording Made Inside the Former Kabelwerk: Siemens Luftgeräusche unplugged

35 Essay on the Question: Does Listening Equal Composing?: Ist Hinhören schon Komposition?

34 Essay on the Question: Does listening equal Composing? (just text): Ist Hinhören schon Komposition (nur Text)

33 Sound Recording of a Windmill: Windrad

32 Shortly After Sunrise at Daybreak Morgenstunde

31 At the Berlin Zoo Inside the Monkey House:  Affenhaus

30 Austrian Grasshoppers or Crickets: Grillen

29 On a Summer Afternoon Under the Cherry Tree: Unter dem Kirschbaum

28 Recording of a Vietnamese Church Service-Blessed is Your body: Gebenedeit sei dein Leib

27 Essay on a Conversation with Helmut Lachenmann-the Significance of non-Music: Das Bedeutende der Nicht-Musik

26 Project of a Film in the Shape of a Radio Broadcast-Your Kiss from Devine Nature: Dein Kuss von göttlicher Natur

25 Recording in the Fürst Pückler Park

24 Recording of the Bridges in Montreal: Ponts de Montréal

23 Birthday Party in Montreal: Anniversaire

22 Recording of Club Culture in Berlin 1999

21 Babbling Child-Good Morning Darling : Guten Morgen, Liebling!

20 Recording in a Nightclub in Egypt: Parisiana Club Kairo

19 Recording of a Service in Ghana: Suhum St.Cecilia Choir

18 Recording in the Supermarket Marktkauf

17 Inside the City Parc Stare Krakau

16 Recording of a Thunderstorm in Kärnten: Gewitters in Kärnten

15 Brooks and  Currents in Hörndlinger Graben

14 In Front of the Big Mosque in Caïro-Friday Prayer:  Freitagsgebet

13 Essay on Music by Morton Feldman-Some Sort of Order, that Produces Togetherness: Eine Art von Ordnung, die Muster erzeugt

12 Recording of the Dannenwalder Mühle

11 Softly Burbling Waves at the Rudower See

10 Early Morning Springtime in Grunewald

09 Recording of my Washing Maschine- Easycare: Pflegeleicht

08 Recording of a Theater Production in the Shell Construction of an Underground Station-leading notes: Leittönen

07 Sound Recording of Springtime Noises in Canada: Canadian Spring

06 Sound Recording of the Baltic   Sea: Ostseerauschens

05 Sound Recording of Sufi Trance Music in Cairo: Hadra

04 Cicadas in the South of France-Summer: Sommer

03 A Meadow in the High Mountains- Whispering Meadow: Almrauschen

02 A Well Loved Beach in Berlin Spandau-A  Storage Place for People: Bürgerablage

01 A Recording Made at my Window-Nightingale: Nachtigal