72 Transfiguration of the Body

Essay on Music by Alberto Posadas: Transfiguration of the Body

Verklärung des Körpers (in German only)
Notes on "Sombras / Shadows" - cycle for string quartet, voice and bass clarinet by Alberto Posadas.

A man of already set age speaks a eulogy to the music of the Spanish composer Alberto Posadas. He does not hurry. It is not clear to whom his voice is addressed ... to another person with whom he has been associated for a long time, but whose story we do not learn? To a shadow, his own shadow, or someone else's shadow? It could also be the shadow of himself - or the shadow of this other person who is speaking. The voice, then, of a shadow, an echo, a reverberation that evaporates and, as it fades away, reconfigures itself again and again, reshapes itself, stretches itself out. As if the voice were becoming its own body, its own subject.

Uli Aumüller's essay plays with the figures and motifs that were significant for Alberto Posadas' composition. Central, besides the music, is the interpretation of a painting by Raphael: "The Transfiguration of Christ".

The text was written for André Jung.



Kritik Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Main Cast
André Jung
Original Score
Alberto Posadas
Editorial Jounalist
Lydia Jeschke