62 Sound Sculptures and Sound Bodies - Philosophy & Music 02

Sound Sculptures and Sound Bodies

Philosophie und Neue Musik - Klangskulpturen und Klangkörger (in German only)

As if it were just yesterday, Helmut Lachenmann recounts that the German radio played Beethoven's 5th Symphony after the news of the defeat in Stalingrad. This experience of the nine-year-old had a lasting influence on the later composer's work. Today, almost 70 years after Stalingrad, the tonal shape of Beethoven's symphony has probably changed only insignificantly - but the question arises to what extent historical knowledge and knowledge of the composer's intentions influence the immediate physical experience of listening. With the composers Helmut Lachenmann and Mark Andre and the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.

Manuskript Printfassung 01-06

Kritik Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Uli Aumüller
Peter Moormann