36 Siemens Luftgeräusche unplugged

Noise collage from the world of production

George Lukacs eat your heart out! In the hollow sounding halls of a factory with scarcely a human being present, unmanned machines produce computer components or electric cables as thick as your arm, accompanied by a cacophony of sound with rich overtones and lots of variation. While gently strolling through the Siemens AG factory we explained to the dozen or so workers: "We're just measuring the atmospheric noise!"
Hence the title – Siemens atmosphere unplugged – without any manipulation. These recordings were made in the summer of 1999.

You can order this production on CD from inpetto filmproduktion for 12,80 €. To do so please write an email to: bestellungen@inpetto-filmproduktion.de

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Editor (Cut)
Stefan Gagstetter