Our films on music not only focus on the craft of performing and composing music but also explore the speculative, philosophical, religious and ecstatic aspects of music. Music is not just a feeling. The speech of sounds interacts in many ways and on many levels with the listener, as language itself has a musical input. It is our belief and goal not to promote ourselves as filmmakers, but to give music as much space as possible and to make the obvious and hidden qualities of music visible and audible. Visualizing what one hears is pure seduction for an avid listener. Adoration of wonderful surfaces and repetitions of hollow phrases is not part of our repertoire.


LIGHT - A Christmas and Hanukkah concert with the girls choir of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin


The Vistaar Project - world premiere of "Entangled Strands" - composition for two tablas and ensemble by Stefan Keller - with Aneesh Pradhan and Stefan Keller, tabla and the Zafraan Ensemble conducted by Victor Aviat.

Rock Paper Scissors - Concerto for violin and ensemble by Cathy Milliken with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin and Jon Rose, violin (concert recording)


Musical rondo of a world renowned melody performed by 15 Berlin based musicians: Dulab Alpaloma

Dulab Altaj - Musical rondo performed by Berliner Ensemble Extrakte


Heart Chamber - Documentary about the conception and recording of the opera by Chaya Czernowin:


Frieder Bernius conducts L.van Beethoven's Missa Solemnis - Documentary

Frieder Bernius directs L. van Beethoven´s Missa Solemnis - Recording

Frieder Bernius - Trailer

Miyagi Haikus - Composition by Sandeep Bhagwati in the Berliner Haus der Kulturen der Welt

The Mark on the Wall - Musical theatre freely adapted from Virginia Woolf by Stepha Schweiger (recording)

Teodoro Anzellotti using the sounds of a clearing in the woods for his improvisation - Berlin festival of present day musical theatre - Trailer

Red Rum - Musical Theatre by gamut inc adapted from the theatre play "Röda Rummet" by August Strindberg


BAM - Berlin Festival for contemporary musical theatre 2018 - Documentary

"... um die Schwelle zu übertreten ..." - (To cross the threshold) – visualization of "Quatre Chants pour franchir le Seuil" by Gérard Grisey


traumgekrönt - (crowned with dreams) Short portrait of the singer Hanna Elisabeth Müller

South Pole - documentary about the opera by Miroslaw Srnka at the Münchner Staatsoper

Three Sound - - composition by Cathy Milliken performed by Trio Catch

Am I dreaming or do my dreams dream me - "Träume ich - oder träumen mich meine Träume?" - Video installation for the Deutsche Oper Berlin about the life and work of Aribert Reimann

"Das Gras wachsen hören ..." (Hearing the grass grow) - Portrait of composer Alberto Posadas


"Über das Komponieren" (About composing) - A talk with Aribert Reimann

A New Place of Worship for Music - concert recording of the Bochumer Symphoniker at the opening of the Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr

Die Intimität dieses Augenblicks - (The intimacy of this moment) promoting the chamber music festival in Witten

Avi Avital plays compositions by Antonio Vivaldi in the Hercules Drawing Room in the Palace of Versailles

"... um den Himmel zu verdienen!" (To Deserve Heaven) - René Jacobs conducts the Johannes Passion by J.S. Bach.


René Jacobs 70th birthday - a lengthy conversation about the Johannes Passion by J.S. Bach.

Murray Perahia and The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields perform L. van Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5

South Pole - Opera by Miroslav Srnka (Trailer)

Wassererinnerungen (memories of water) - visual interpretation of an electro-acoustic composition by Nicola Sani

Vorhang auf! (curtains up!) - 17 invited guests at the 2015 DAAD Berlin.

Katja and Marielle Labèque perform Ravel


Die Erfindung des Schweigens (the dicovery of silence) - Exposé for a film about the history of opera public

Ringen um die Gegenwart (Yearning for the presence ) – The creative process of the opera 'wunderzaichen’ (miraculous signs) by Mark Andre at the Stuttgarter Staatsoper

Vorhang auf! 2014 (curtains up!) - 19 invited guests at the 2014 DAAD Berlin


Midori spielt Brahms - Midori performs Brahms with the Munich Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Metha

Interview with violin virtuoso Midori

wunderzaichen (Miracolous Signs) - trailer of the Opera by Mark Andre at the Freiburger Experimentalstudio

Ultrasyd Chip Music - Portrait of the young French musician

Ein Wunderraum der Klänge (a wondrous space of sound) - portrait of the Experimentalstudio of the SWR in Freiburg

Guai ai gelidi mostri - composition by Luigi Nono interpreted by Ensemble Experimental


"Im Wald - under the Trees" - 8 studies on animated still lives and music

Nightlight - a visual interpretation of an electro-acoustic composition by Gilles Gobeil

A Pierre. Dell'azzuro silenzio, inquietum – composition by Luigi Nono interpreted by Ensemble Experimental

Faithful - loyalty and treason in music interpretation - Faithful Festival 2012 Berlin

Matrix 12 on tour - the SWR Experimentalstudio and Matrix12 in Amsterdam and Warsaw in 2012


Dunkelblau Remix 02 (Darkblue Remix 02) - radio play based on the biblical Song of Songs (music Christian Calon)

Patricia Kopatchinskaja - performs Tchaikovsky together with Vladimir Fedosejev

Deathfragments Büchner 23 years old - Japanese sound-artist Furudate dissects Georg Büchners Texts

Songs an einem Sommerabend (summer evening songs) - recording of the festival close to Kloster Banz

Nachtigall - Panning a landscape at sunrise accompanied by a singing nightingale


Sol Gabetta plays Haydn and Vasks - portrait of cellist Sol Gabetta

Heimat Bach - a film essay about the question: why is Johann Sebastian Bach so important?

Die Nordhaide - everyday life in a new district in Munich

Fazil Say - Heimat Musik - portrait of Turkish composer Fazil Say and his Istanbul-Symphony


Sketches for a visualization of two Madrigals by Salvatore Sciarrino

Xavier de Maistre - portrait of the harp virtuoso


Daniel Hope plays Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - - with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stockholm directed by Daniel Harding

The Art of Fugue - arranged and interpreted by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin 2008

Plötzlich ein neues Klangerlebnis (A sudden new sound experience) - Portrait of the Akademie für Alte Musik on the occasion of its 25th anniversary

Helmut Lachenmann und Wolfgang Rihm - a conversation ten years after our film about Helmut Lachenmann's "... zwei Gefühle ..." ("... two feelings ...")


What is improvisation? - Which music is more genuine? Noted down music or spontaneously performed music? An essay by Uli Aumüller

Tetsuo Furudate - Concert in the Kulturbunker 2007 in Cologne

Tetsuo Furudate - Interview about the question: 'What is improvisation?'


Dein Kuss von göttlicher Natur (Thy Kiss of Divine Nature) - Contemporary Perotin - a portrait of the mediaeval composer Perotinus Magnus

Fazil Say: Alla Turca - portrait of the star pianist caught between east and west


Dein Kuss von göttlicher Natur - (Thy Kiss of Devine Nature)- radio essay featuring images of the film about Perotius Magnus we made two years later

Atemzug (breath of air) - recording of a production of the Toula Limnaios & Cie dance company


Jordi Savall: Conversa Familial - a conversation with the Savall family in Bellaterra / Barcelona

Jordi Savall: Live in Concert - 4 live recordings of the Savall family in concert

Jordi Savall: Virtuose der Gambe - portrait of the Catalan gamba virtuoso Jordi Savall


Andreas Scholl rehearses with Alex Potter

Andreas Scholl talks about his life

Andreas Scholl – portrait of countertenor Andreas Scholl

Kult im Kiez - portrait of the Neukoellner Oper in Berlin Kreuzberg on the occasion of their 25th anniversary

Wenn Engel singen: Das Hilliard Ensemble (When angels sing) - portrait of a famous male vocal quartet


Die Suche nach noch nie gehörten Klängen (Searching for never heard of sounds) - 4 ways to describe a computer


Von Originalen, Liebhabern und Chiffonseide (about genuine Indian silk, aficionados and chiffon) - Johann Sebastian Bach and his manuscripts

Mein Kino für die Ohren (my cinema for ears)  - Francis Dhomont recomposes the famous spring concerto by Antonio Vivaldi


Die Kunst der Verführung (the art of seduction) - portrait of accordionist Teodoro Anzellotti

Nachtwache: Gespräch (Night Watch: conversation) - interview with composer Alice Samter

Nachtwache: Die Oper (Night Watch: the opera) – recording of the opera premiere "Night Watch" by Alice Samter

Nachtwache: Dokumentation (Night Watch: documentary) staging of the opera by Alice Samter in the Spandauer Lutherkirche 1999

Helmut Lachenmann talks about composing during a walk in the park

"... zwei Gefühle ..." (… two feelings …) - Music with Leonardo for speaker and instrumental ensemble - Helmut Lachenmann rehearses his composition


Genie bin ich selbst! (I am the genius!) - Hanns Eisler's days in Berlin from 1925 till 1933


"Wenn Zahnräder Menschen sind ..." (when cogwheels are humans) - portrait of composer György Ligeti and his piano concerto with P.L. Aimard and Pierre Boulez


Komponisten unter dem Götterbaum (composers under the Tree of Heaven) - film about Ghanaian composed classical music


Composers under the Tree of Gods - African Art Music in Ghana / Choir- and instrumental Ghanaian music


Musik für tausend Finger (music for thousand fingers) - portrait of mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow