50 Havanna

A 'sound-snap' of Cuba before the Castro Era was over

I wanted to capture a 'sound-snap' of Cuba before the Castro Era was over and everything would sound sonically global; the engines of the last Buicks, the old Italian buses, etc. I intended to use them to write a soundscape composition... but everything went wrong and I could not do it. But I got my recordings and they made an impact on me as nothing before ever did. I was moved by them, they made me sad and confused, thoughtful and furious. I could no longer remain impartial or find my political position.

You can order this production on CD from inpetto filmproduktion for 12,80 €. To do so please write an email to: bestellungen@inpetto-filmproduktion.de

Cast & Crew

Ricardo Climent
Uli Aumüller