A kind of order that creates patterns

Radio essay on the music of Morton Feldman - for one speaker

A radio essay to the music by Morton Feldman

The object of this mission is language. What is it capable of naming, what orders does it produce, what autonomy does it gain with its acts of designating differences. How does art differ from the patterns that the order of language generates? What kind of name names the nameless? What kind of order does silence generate, what difference does silence designate, the intentional, deliberate silence or the silence that genuinely occurs as itself.
A play with language parallel to the patterns and the refusal of patterns of the music of MORTON FELDMAN, which linguistically logically comes to a point where language negates itself - and can only be heard associatively. The name of the place where language falls out of itself is melancholy.

First broadcast: September 6, 1991

A radio essay on the music of Morton Feldman, woven like a Persian carpet like a prayer mill, ostinato speech patterns revolving around the question of how NOTHING can be thought and said without logical contradictions, the state of purest quasi-ecstatic self-forgetfulness. With Christof Düro as narrator. Production of BR 1994.


Kritik Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Christof Düro