67 What is - please tell me - natural about music? 01

What is - please tell me - natural about music?

Reinhard Schulz gewidmet (in German only)

Using the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Orlando di Lasso, Anton Bruckner, Jean Jacques Rousseau and the two contemporary sound artists Francis Dhomont and Gilles Gobeil, a man and a woman try to find out what was considered "nature" at which times. Which concept of nature can be distilled from the respective historical musical aesthetics? And what influence do the concepts of nature of the past have on our current understanding of what "nature" is? The two discussion partners arrive at contradictory and paradoxical results and thoughts, especially since they cannot avoid developing a specifically female or male perspective on the question. After about half an hour of intensive discussion, the two realise that their own basic assumptions have changed so much that they decide to start their conversation anew, albeit with reversed roles and signs, an invention in contrary motion - in contrario motu, Bach would have written - which once again throws everything that has been said before into the heap.

Manuskript Teil 01-03

Kritik Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Main Cast
Nicole Boguth, Patrick Blank
Editorial Jounalist
Lydia Jeschke
Reinhard Schulz