The third dimension of sound

Noise machines and loudspeaker installations - a foray

Sounds reproduced by loudspeakers are only information about sounds, but not these sounds themselves.

This thesis may come as a surprise.

According to it, music on the radio would not be music, but only the message of music, so to speak. Genuine and authentic to the medium of radio, then, is the message of the newsreader who refers to a radio concert, to the reproduction of a concert. The news of the news of music. But we only experience the voice of the radio announcer as an information of his voice. The message (of the voice) of the message (of the speaker) of the message (of the music) of music.

The special case of sounds that the loudspeaker does not reproduce in the sense of imitating natural sounds is more complicated.
In this special case, however, it is not appropriate to speak of virtual sounds, since most high-quality loudspeakers have been proven to have a thoroughly real and significant weight that can lead to painful bone fractures in the event of a fall from a height of just one metre.

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