For the composition "Rock Paper Scissors" (in German roughly "Sching Schang Schong") Cathy Milliken has written a series of smaller orchestral pieces, which in turn can be cut into smaller parts. The part for the solo violin is left out of this - and is freely improvised by Jon Rose at the moment of performance. Depending on the course of the improvisation, Cathy Milliken, who also conducts the instrumental ensemble, chooses the order of the orchestral pieces or their components - and this, too, happens during the performance.

Trailer 7:00 mins
Concert 38:45 mins.

At the premiere on 02.04.2023 at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in Berlin Lichtenberg by Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin as part of the concert series LA STRADA POP UP, Cathy Milliken's composition was announced as follows:

Cathy Milliken / Jon Rose – Rock / Paper / Scissors (2023)
Workshop / Performance – Illuminating a collaborative score

Rock / Paper/ Scissors exists as composed segments of improvisational musical and textual propositions to be performed by a conductor and musicians. It will therefore necessarily be a differently structured composition each performance. Here in its workshopped premiere, Rock / Paper / Scissors delves into the negotiation involved in communicating and interpreting a simultaneous open and closed score. The composition itself is an exploration of the joy of immediacy in structured improvisation and collective harmonising of musical ideas. Inspired by Jon Rose’ extraordinary musical legacy of composition exploration, performance and innovation, Jon and composer Cathy Milliken collaborate to present their new work Rock / Paper / Scissors together with their esteemed colleagues from Ensemble KNM Berlin.

Ensemble KNM Berlin & guests

Rebecca Lenton, flute | Maxim Kolomiiets, oboe | Theo Nabicht, bass clarinet| Damir Bacikin, trumpet | Johannes Lauer, trombone | Daniel Eichholz, percussion | Theodor Flindell, Wolfgang Bender, Sarah Saviet, violin | Kirstin Maria Pientka, viola | Cosima Gerhardt, Ringela Riemke, violoncello | Caleb Salgado, double bass

Cathy Milliken / Jon Rose, Composers
Cathy Milliken, Conductor

Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller
Director of photography
Sebastian Rausch
Original Score
Cathy Milliken