85 The Passing Away of Time

Radioessay über die Vergängnis der Zeit und darüber hinaus - den Anhauch einer Erfahrung von Ewigkeit (in German only)

(in German only)

Diary note: 17.01.2006

Idea: a conversation about the theme of time with author and speaker as interlocutors, about the right way to interpret the how of a text, since in the author's view the theme of time is not so much in the content of the text, i.e. in the words written down, but is embodied much more in the how, in the act of speaking itself, in the process of becoming and passing away. It is not the thought that is the philosopher, but its interpreter. A woman's voice mingles with this conversation, longing, full of desire, quasi as the womb from which time is born and returns to it.

No, time has not speeded up, how do you mean, we have abolished space, rationalised, silence to hear, we are afraid to look into each other's eyes because we don't know what to look for in them and the firmament is a black hole with white dots. Take me in your arms, I want to sleep.

This radio essay is dedicated to Ulrich Ritter, who died a few days after our voice recording in the SWR radio play studio from the cancer that had spread through his body.



Gespräch mit Ulrich Ritter

Gespräch mit Prof. Richard Klein

Conversation with Dr. Sieroka

Gespräch mit Dr. Grötzebauch

Brief an Hans-Peter Jahn


Kritik Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller (Text, Sprecher)
Main Cast
Ulrich Ritter
Friedemann Trumpp, Anke Schlipf
Editorial Jounalist
Hans-Peter Jahn, Helmut Rohm