Die Relinge

Excerpt of the concert installation "Im Wald - under the trees" (2014)

This DVD “… im Wald …(Under the Trees)” by Uli Aumüller and Sebastian Rausch shows 8 examples of how panoramic pictures of trees can be synchronized by merging them with music of different periods and styles. An essential element both in the composing process of the selected music and the visual design is the balance between figurative representation and abstract configuration of colors, shapes and levels. Photographs, used as graphic scores, form the basis that interweaves with the audible and visible as closely as possible. The 7th part of this DVD – “Nachtlicht” (Nightlight) by Gilles Gobeil, is an example of music that is composed based on an image.

Artikel Positionen 2012
Kritik NMZ 2013

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Cast & Crew

Uli Aumüller